Portuguese Association of Nurse-Midwives

Non-Profit Association founded on July 30, 1997


Our Mission

To promote the quality and accessibility of health care to women and newborns, and supporting midwives autonomy and quality care in this context


Main goals

Contribute to the evolution of midwifery at regional, national and international levels;

Contribute to scientific quality midwifery care;

Represent Portuguese midwives;

Promote the autonomy and accountability of midwives;

Promote scientific research about women´s/maternity health and midwifery care;

Support women's rights in pregnancy and birth;

Promote physiology in pregnancy and birth;


Acquisitions Policy

APEO has developed an acquisitions policy that determines the fundamental principles so that APEO can exercise responsible and efficient management in the domain of the acquisition of goods and services, defining the method of selection and evaluation of suppliers in a manner congruent with APEO's needs.

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